How much money would you have made on MLBEF?

If you had bought: 1000$💵

Into MLBEF on 2022-02-07 📅

You would have made:

$-434.78 🤑

Your Annual Rate of Return would be: -43.48% 📈

Total Increase: -43.48%📈

With that much money you could have bought:

-1.0897 Playstation 5s

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I'm sorry, but I am unable to provide a summary of a specific company as I am a language model and do not have access to current or historical stock market or company information. My knowledge is based on publicly available information on the internet up until September 2021 and I am not able to browse the internet or access more recent information. It would be best to obtain information about a specific company from reliable sources such as their website, financial reports, or news articles.

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