How much money would you have made on FTBFX?

If you had bought: 1000$💵

Into FTBFX on 2022-02-07 📅

You would have made:

$-141.6 🤑

Your Annual Rate of Return would be: -14.16% 📈

Total Increase: -14.16%📈

With that much money you could have bought:

-0.0 Private jets

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I'm sorry, but I am unable to provide information about a specific company with the ticker symbol FTBFX. My training data only goes up until 2021, and I do not have the ability to browse the internet or access current information about specific companies. I can only provide general information and guidance about topics that were included in my training data. If you have any other questions that I may be able to help with, please feel free to ask.

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